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Currently Viral Tycoon does not provide paid advertising services other than those included in Premium Membership. We're planning to start offering such services in the end of February 2018.

We appreciate you confidence in Viral Tyccon, therefore we have collected for you a short list of platforms, which provide cheap marketing services that you may need. 

Cheap bulk traffic

The following websites are cheap bulk traffic providers. The quality of their traffic is questionable, because most of it comes from autosurf traffic exchanges, pop-unders, mistyped or expired domains and so on. But their prices are very low as well, so if you need loads of cheap traffic, you should try some of them. 

Rebrandable Traffic provides bulk traffic at $0.88-8.00 per 1000 visitors depending on volume. For instance, 25K visitors will cost you $50. Allows to set any referral, so traffic seems to come from any URL you want.

Alexa Master delivers human autosurf traffic starting from $0.40 per 1000 visits. Custimization of traffic is available with paid subscription that cost $1/day. 

HitLeap provides autosurf traffic at unbeatable price of $0.56-0.70 per 1000 visits. But you need to buy paid subscription that costs $14-39 monthly to be able to customize geography, duration and referrals of hits. 

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